Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Back again.

Well I am back. We have just moved house so have been busy packing and then unpacking, but starting to get back to normal now. We have been without an internet connection for 6 days so great to be back online. This is our second move in just over a year. We moved from an old worldy house to a very contemporary house and it just was not us, so we sold up and bought a retro house. It is pretty run down and desperately in need of a kitchen and bathroom reno but we could not be happier. This will be the 3rd house we have renovated. We love having floor boards again. At least I can hear my husband walking up behind me now instead of jumping out of my skin every time he comes into a room. We have a garden again too. We have gone from a 261 sq mtr block to an 836. Well I guess I had better get my old painting jeans on and get busy.


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