Friday, December 13, 2013

Melting moments.

Yesterday I bought two beautiful little christmas cakes to give to friends. I thought they were fruit cakes but I found out later that they were actually mud cakes. I placed them in the car and headed off for home. I made a couple of brief stops on the way. I should have known better on a 38 degree day. When I arrived home and opened the cake box I was horrified to see that the cakes were oozing chocolate everywhere. The wording Merry Christmas across the top of the cake had completely disappeared and the chocolate icing was dripping all over the decorative ribbon around the cake and all over the cake board. I was soooooo disappointed but I thought I will just have to fix this disaster so back to the car and off to the shops to buy a cake topper and some new ribbon. I managed to rescue the cakes without too much trouble and I think they looked pretty good. I got lots of ooooo and rrrrrrrs when I gave the cakes to the girls today so I was pleased and they both preferred mud cake to fruit cake. Accidents can sometime be a good thing. Below is the "after" photo.


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