Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bathroom renovation.

Well we have finally started our bathroom renovation. This will be our 3rd bathroom renovation and final one I hope.  So we have been gutting, ripping, bashing and drilling. Even though it is just the bathroom we are renovating somehow the whole house ends up being covered in sand, dust and mess. I was explaining to a friend that we doing some work with a hammer jack when he kindly corrected me to say we were using a jack hammer. I make myself laugh sometimes. Shows how little I know even after 3 reno's. The biggest problem has been the tiles. Firstly getting them off the wall and secondly choosing new ones. There is sooooo much choice but I cannot find what I want. Below is a sample of a tile I have seen. Not my choice but an interesting sample of whats available. Makes for a good blog photo.


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