Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stuffed antelope's head.

Everything old is new again. While wandering around the Tasmanian Museum and Art GalleryI came across this stuffed antelope head? It had to be photographed, of course. It did make me stop and think a little. I thought I would do a little research and found these iinteresting thoughts at

It is all a matter of degree. ''As long as it is not endangered, is over 50 years old and is not a cat, I am O.K. with having it in my house,'' said Mitchell Owens, the interior design director of Elle Decor magazine.

''People are looking for intimacy, coziness, a more personal touch,'' said Lucy Sykes, style director at Marie Claire magazine.

But while animal rights advocates have a hard time convincing people to give up leather shoes and upholstery, Eric Goode got hate mail over a pair of stuffed Dobermans that stood in the entry hall of M.K., a club he opened in the late 80's. But it didn't quell his enthusiasm. ''I hadn't had them killed,'' he said. ''I had gotten them at a dog mortuary.'' His personal collection of stuffed animals includes a pouncing tiger and a baby English bulldog.


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