Monday, January 23, 2017

Tips on cleaning jewellery at home.

It is easy to keep your jewellery sparkling and clean by using products you have around the house.You don’t need to purchase expensive cleaning products when you have the perfect cleaner in your bathroom. Just grab your toothpaste....yes I did say toothpaste. It is mildly abrasive and perfect for removing dirt and grime while at the same time not scratching your jewellery (the exception bing pearls as they are quite soft and delicate). Just keep a spare soft bristled toothbrush in your trop draw. Take a tablespoon of warm water and an inch of toothpaste and mix these together to make a loose paste. If you are worried about scratching your jewellery just massage the toothpaste in gently with your fingers. Rinse well once you are finished and make sure the jewellery dries well. You can help it to dry by blotting with an absorbant soft cloth.

Another product that works well is dish washing liquid. Add a little to some warm water and use a soft toothbruh to clean. I always clean the jewellery in a small bowl just so it does not accidently go down the drain! this sounds silly but it can happen so easily.

Remember to keep your jewellery looking good remove before showering or applying moisturiser and don’t sleep with your jewellery on. 


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